Sample Assignment

Assignment with Grading Criteria

Learning Outcomes:

Students should be able to demonstrate their ability to use Infographics to visually explain data in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Background Information:

Every year Americans spend lots of money on holidays. Regardless if they are religious, secular, Hallmark (made up greeting card type holiday) there is a lot of historical data on spending.


Pick a holiday or event and create an Infographic about spending on that day.

I’ve included two examples, created by Philadelphia/NYC based agency Sumo Heavy. The Valentine’s Day Infographic was picked up on Buzz Feed. Mother’s Day Example.


Your Infographic should contain a minimum of Three Different Types of Charts/Graphics as discussed in the Planning your Infographic Lecture.  You must use real data from Primary Sources and those sources need to be cited. Do not copy the examples above. Your work must be original with original artwork.

File Requirements:

  • Sketches will be uploaded the discussion board for this project as a .jpeg,
  • First Design Draft will also be uploaded to the discussion board as a .jpeg.
  • Final project will be uploaded to this project as a .PDF file. Your file must be 300dpi with crop marks and bleeds if appropriate and uploaded to the Canvas Project.

Project Timeline:

  1. Sketches due Friday, 5/22
  2. Revisions due Tuesday, 5/26
  3. First Design Draft due Monday 6/1
  4. Revisions due Wednesday, 6/3
  5. Final Project due Friday, 6/5

Evaluation Criteria

  • (30) A clear design with easy recognizable letterforms, positive letter spacing to enhance the visual appearance, Choose complimentary typefaces with good readability. Visual Hierarchy.
  • (20) The Infographic should use a standard grid system and be aesthetically pleasing. No visible grid patterns.
  • (20) Contrast between the foreground and background for the ease of reading. 
  • (15)  Production—printing is of the highest possible quality.