Typographical Hierarchy Infographic

Typgraphical Hiearchy makes documents easier to read and understand. This is an infographic of how you can use this design concept to create documents.

If you need an accessible version of this document, contact me.

Purpose: The purpose of the document is to provide my students with a quick way to learn and understand typographical hierarchy before creating their first project, a poster design. Since I am teaching online, I created something that was easy to download. 

Audience: The audience for this infographic is both students and future designers.

Visual Design: I chose a design that had clearly defined areas, so that like information was in chunks. I chose a color scheme that was easy on the eyes since they are most likely viewing it online. Blues and green colors are more tranquil and not harsh on the eyes, like yellows and oranges. They also convey authority and are trusty worthy. In addition, I avoided color discord and allowed for high contrast to make it easier for people with visual deficiencies to read it.

Digital Media Checklist: Checklist

Creative Commons License: I chose the Creative Common License that was the most restrictive (CC BY NC ND). For two main reasons, First, I am lazy, and I used two pieces of artwork that I was licensed to use because I am a Canva Pro Subscriber. (Full disclosure, I make a lot of social media posts for a client, and it takes me less time in Canva). The second reason is that I don’t think you can make derivative works from their artwork license. I am licensed to use the artwork to create a commercial work. The third reason, I don’t want anyone changing what I wrote or created and then attributing it to me. I get paid to write and design marketing materials. I also teach design. I don’t want someone to doubt my abilities based on a derivative work.